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Benz DeBrosse was born in Haiti but raised in Quebec. He is a visual artist, self-taught and spontaneous.
He graduated in Advertising Design from The International Academy of Design in Montreal.
A lover of  history, ancient civilizations, he is also passionate about music, photography, psychology and imaginary journeys.

Benz DeBrosse creates intuitively with markers and channels the energy which surround him. He transposes every element onto canvas or any other medium. So each work comes alive and invites to the discovery of his intuitive perceptions: a changing and fascinating inner world that communicates constantly with him. He explores and exploits contrasts,  colors and textures.

His colorful works consist mainly of lines, they are dynamic, organic and express the universality that unites us all. His pieces are very detailed and could refer to tree roots, fingerprints, human nervous systems, and electrical diagrams. A new piece is the continuation of the previous one.

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